How to automate my heater to cool and rise temperature at specific hours

Hi guys I’m excited because I got my smart heater 1s.
What I want to do is to cool down the temperature while I go sleeping at 18 pm rise it up at 23 pm when I sleep, and then rise it even more at 4 pm when I wake up.
Could you help me to get me this nice sleeping :sleeping:

Well it is basically easy to do if you have a precise timing on going to sleep. Just use a specific time as a trigger to trigger automation. You can put everything in one automation and use trigger id for every trigger and than use building block and choose to select each trigger id to perform a certain action.
This is will be very simple automation.
A bit complex one will be to use some other sensor to determine when you are in bed, when you are sleeping and when your alarm is on. You can use your mobile phone to do that if you use nabu casa.

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Idk how to do it. I use a Xiaomi smart heater 1s

I don’t understand. Did you integrated your smart heater to home assistant?