How to backup config on HA Core 2021.9.7 (synocommunity package)?

Hi, I have naively installed HA as a core version on my synology NAS, however as is normal for core install it lacks supervisor, which I miss. So I installed a new instance of HAOS in the Synology VMM manager, which features supervisor. Reason I want this is that most doc available is for supervisor installations.
So I need to migrate. I tried to add a backup integration in HA Core but nothing works, even editing configuration.yaml and adding “backup:”

  1. Is it at all possible to add a config backup to the HA Core? and how?
  2. is it possible, when doing a tarball (using the tar command, which is a synology version of the linux tar) of the HA core config folder to feed that to HAOS (upon starting it up) without destroying this new instance?
    Thanks for any help!

I am far, far from an expert, and I am usually wrong.

Don’t you have service: hassio.backup_full?

I am using native HAOS without Supervisor on an Intel NUC. I thought I would miss Supervisor when I made the transition from the Raspberry, but everything I ever needed from Supervisor is in the Configuration menu.

I hadn’t it in configuration.yaml, and when I added, it was not valid: the message said: “Component error: service - Integration ‘service’ not found.”, so removed. If it is the developer menu/service tab, no there is no service as you mention.

Unfortunately, the add-on store is missing anyway. If I could avoid fumbling with the command line for everything I would prefer.

Thanks for your suggestion anyway.

If interested, I described the process that worked for me