How to bind Hue Motion (SML001) to a Zigbee group


the Hue motion sensor is very well supported in zigbee2mqtt:

but I can’t make it to work in a Zigbee light group:

I already had some help how to do the same with the (older) Tradfri motion sensors. With Tradfri
a trick was needed, these sensors create a random group, and if I bind to this, it works.
But the same trick does not work for SML001.

 Received Zigbee message from 'MotionKitchen1', type 'attributeReport', cluster 'msIlluminanceMeasurement', data '{"measuredValue":13301}' from endpoint 2 with groupID 0

As can be seen above, the sensor creates the (random) group 0, which is the same after each reset,
and thus not really random. I assume, for SML001 something else is needed.

I tried to put a lamp into a created Zigbee group 0, without luck. Then I tried to change the group for SML001, but I haven’t found out how this can be done.

Many thanks.

I have the same problem with the Hue dimmer switch, but here t
tutorial was helpful:

The important part is to unbind the coordinator, and to press a button during un/binding.
After that it works.

But it seem I cannot add more than one group to the switch, as before with with the Hue
application. (Okay I can put all lamps in a group, but that is not the same as before, at least
I only added rooms, maybe that it was internally expanded to all lamps)
IIRC the normal Hue cannot do it either, and Hue essentials was necessary.

Ping :grinning:
Anyone who has successfully paired SML001 to a Zigbee group with zigbee2mqtt?

The trick with unbinding SML001 from the coordinator, which worked for Hue dimmer switch (see above), does not work.
SML001 Device cannot unbind from coordinator, any attempt (command line or “unbind heart/symbol”) throws an error here.(I’m using a recent devel version 1.17.0+)
I suspect this error message is a bug and if unbinding works, I can afterwards bind to a lightgroup, like in the case with the Hue dimmer.