How to bind multiple switches to one light

Sorry team I’m a little confused on how to achieve this.

I have 3 (well even 4 and up to 8) switches with multiple gangs each.
Each of them has one gang that should switch on and off a light (light.1).
Let’s say that switch.gang is the name
I need to have 1.3 - 2.2 - 3.1 that all switch on/off light.1
My expectation is that if press 1.3 then 2.2 andf 3.1 get pressed too and light.1 is turned on
If I press 2.2 and the light is on… then light.1 is turned off and 1.3 and 2.2 are off too

is there an easy way to achieve it?

no one solved this???

I’m not sure what you mean. Multiple switches can operate the same light. The state of the light will be shown in HA. But the switches have no state in Home assistant, so they do not change when another switch is operated.

If you want each switch to toggle the light, then each change of the button should call the service light.toggle:

service: light.toggle
  entity_id: light.mylight

I do not know what type of buttons you use, so I cannot tell what triggers they have.

If you want to achieve this though electrical wiring though, you should check the manual to see if the switch supports it and how it should be wired.

Thank you @Edwin_D
maybe I did some confusion on the terms and this is why I’m a little lost…

I have smart switches with a led on them, the led is on when the switch is “closed”.
They are sonoff TX-3C

My wiring is something like:
0.01 - 1 → phisically connect to bulb
0.02 -1 → not connected phisically

what should happen is:

  1. I press 0.01 - 1 → light is on (due to physical connection) and I have to switch on 0.02 – 1
  2. I press 0.02 – 1 → I have to switch on 0.01 – 1 so that the light is on (due to physical connection)
    Obviously the same works with off.

I need a simple way to do it as, in some cases, I have 8 switches to control the same light

As for the light itself and keeping the toggles in sync, I assume 0.01 is physically connected to the light. So if you switch that from HA the light should react. Other switches should have an automation to toggle that entity in HA to make the light react, and the automation should sync the states of all switches in HA to reflect the proper state. Don’t know what that will do to the led.

It should look something like this:

alias: Synced switches
description: ''
mode: single
  - platform: state
      - switch.0.01-1
      - switch.0.02-1
      - switch.0.03-1
condition: []
  - service: "homeassistant.turn_{{ trigger.to_state.state }}"
        - switch.0.01-1
        - switch.0.02-1
        - switch.0.03-1

Wait: I was thinking way too complicated. Just adjusted the code above. All switches must mimic each other, and if is not a problem to switch the same switch again. As all switches always go to the same state, the risk of this endlessly looping is gone. But keep it in single mode though so it won’t run too often by triggering itself again. Just tested and it works. Also adjusted it a little bit so it works on anything you can turn on and off.

Amazing thank you!

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