How to bring the existing automations in the front-end (0.46)

Are there any instructions or how-to?

Not exactly sure what your question is here…
If you want to see automations in the U.I, they are entities just like any other. You can include them in a group, and they will show up in the U.I.

If you’re talking about your old automations, there are instructions here:

But keep in mind that if you were using separate files for each automation, that won’t work anymore. All your old automations will have to be merged into a single file and each one given a unique id.

(That’s why I’m not using it.)

This nice guy shows an easy way to do this

Yes, is the editor good enough?

As I stated in the post, I am not using this feature. I prefer separate automations files to keep things straight in my complex config and I don’t need a UI to write automations so this feature is not useful to me.

But that’s what is great about HA; if I don’t need it, I don’t have to use it. So no complaints from me on this feature which will undoubtedly be quite useful for a lot of users.

I dont use the editor because its completly not working for me. All my automations are shown correct in the editor, but making changes or creating a new automation, breaks everything. So I manuell edit the new automations.yaml