How to browse Spotify, for a Squeezebox player, in Lovelace


My objective:

Browse Spotify contents, on Lovelace (so with lovelace design, not with an iframe which includes LMS).

My setup:

  • Spotify with familly premium account
  • 5 Squeezebox players (2 google homes with a cast bridge, 2 RPI with Max2Play, 1 computer), for which ones i use grouping
  • Spotty installed in LMS (the players are viewable in Spotify, using Spotify Connect)
  • Spotify integration is done
  • Spotify Lovelace Card is installed and working fine


  • LMS music browsing is quite good (with web radios, Spotify content with Spotty, local medias…), the objective is to get the functionnalities in HA but with Lovelace design.
  • I want to be able to do searches in Spotify (possible in LMS-Spotty, not with Spotify Card) using lovelace interface
  • I want to launch the music on “Squeezebox” players instead of “Spotify Connect” players to keep the possibility to group / ungroup the speakers “on demand”, and to launch web radios, directly from lovelace
  • Spotify Lovelace card design is really fine, just want to merge the functionnalities

Example of one of my mini-media-player

Example of my Spotify cards integration

Example of my LMS Browsing:

Any Idea / Suggestion?

Thanks and have a nice day!


That’s not possible currently, have been looking for the same feature for some time now.

could you tell me how to you can show the Squeezebox Player groups in lovelace?
Thank you

Hello @Gianfranco_Panico ,

I just use custom:mini-media-player, with the speaker_group option which lists the speakers to include.

Have a nice day