How to bypass LED controller

Hi all, wonder if someone can give me advice here. Imagine if you will…

a cabinet that has a transluscent doors. I have an led strip, a wifi controller, a switch (to detect when door is open) and obviously a RPi3 with installed.

What i want to be able to do:

  • set the leds to be 50% brightness when door is closed
  • set the leds to be 100% brightness when door is open
  • when the door closes it automatically goes back to 50%

I don’t need to connect the switch to HA (i think it’s unecessary for this function).

I know that to dim the LEDs, the controller simply pulses the power on and off at varying rates

The solution in my head at the moment is:
Wire it up like below so that the switch basically bypasses the controller and feeds a constant 5V to the LED strip. From my beginner knowledge of electronics, since the switch is wired in parralel, and there is only 1 power supply, it should be okay, but i want to make sure the LEDs aren’t going to receive (eg) 100%, 150%, 100%, 150% when the door is open as I assume that would blow them pretty quickly.

led wiring

I’m 60% sure my solution would work, but any help/advice is greatly appreciated.

Alternatively, if you can think of a better way to do this, let me know!