How to calculate gas amount remaining in the gas tank -ViCare?

I have a gas tank, which is refilled once a year, usually in the summer. The gas company bills me per litre. The ViCare Integration provides sensors for gas consumption measured in kwh. With the gauge on the gas tank I can only rough estimate the amount remainig. Conversion from kwh to litres is simple, but I would like to reset the sensors on the day when the tank is refilled. Then I can calculate the amout of gas consumed by litres. Knowing the amount that was refilled I would have a much more precise value for the remaining amount of gas. How to accomplish this? Is it possible to duplicate the gas consumption sensors provided by the ViCare integration and resetting them? How do I reset “total-increasing” sensors?

In Case someons stumbles upon this:
One can “simple” utilty_meter sensors (e.g. without tariffs) reset with the service “utility_meter.calibrate”. I find this a bit misleading.