How to call methods in ring_doorbell python library in python scripts?

So I am trying to trigger the live video recording on some of my Ring cameras with a python script. I don’t really care about viewing the live feed right away, I just want it to record to the cloud so I have a recording and I can download it after it completes. I found that in the ring_doorbell python library that is used for the Ring HA integration there is a method called “live_streaming_json” that can trigger the live recording. I have tested it using Postman and the API calls it makes appears to start a live recording:

Now all I need to do is call this method using a python script and the Ring entity from HA but I am having trouble figuring out how to call the method in the library in a script. Here is what I have so far but it does not appear to start recordings and there are no errors in the log. Any suggestions?

# obtain ring doorbell camera object
ring_cam = hass.states.get("camera.front")


I’d also like to be able to call this method in a script to have the camera take a fresh snapshot and then download it as another step to this script: