How to call multiple parameters for Z-Wave service calls?

What I want to do is set the LED colors on my Inovelli dimmer switches. According to this calculator, I need to set parameters 13 (color) and 14 (brightness). I can set the notification, but that is not what I’m looking for.

This works to set the notification to red, 6s, slow blink:
node_id: 2
parameter: 16
value: 67504641

This doesn’t appear to do anything, as the LED doesn’t change color to red:
node_id: 2
parameter: 13
value: 1

I’m guessing maybe both params 13 and 14 need to be set at the same time for it to take effect? But I don’t know how to do that. Calling one then the other definitely doesn’t work. By doesn’t work I mean it does nothing, where when the syntax is actually wrong HA tells me “Failed to call service”.

No, each service call is separate. I think you need to wait for 0.115 to set parameter 13, in another thread that was reported.

Also, here you put 16 but also mentioned 14. Which one is it?

Interesting, do you have a link?

Nope, but Short parameter types are not supported in 0.114.

16 is the notification setting (see the middle tab of the calculator) and is the only thing I seem to be able to set from HA. Parameters 13 and 14 do not seem settable.

Ok. Well your options for now are a) install a Dev build, b) wait for 0.115, or c) publish the command using MQTT manually.

Do you happen to know what the payload would look like for MQTT?

Use the setvalue command. You’ll have to find the value id key with something like MQTT Explorer.

If using the mqtt.publish service from HA:

topic: OpenZWave/1/command/setvalue/
payload: '{ "ValueIDKey": 1231241242, "Value": 67504641 }'
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