How to change a on/off switch to a trigger button

Hello everyone,

So on my UI I have a garage door switch that can be slides to either on or off position, no matter the position touching the switch will trigger the garage of it is open, it closes and vise versa.

I am wondering is there a way to change that on/off switch to a button so it just trigethe garage door opener?

First thing that comes to mind would be a script that would trigger the switch, which would have an execute value instead of a switch.
Something like this:
How is your switch hw hooked up and how is it configured?

Thanks for your response, it is an insteon I/O link. Upon discovery it shows two entity one for the garage openner which shows as an on/off switch. The other is a binary sensor, which indicates if the door is open or close. I tried change the device class on the switch but the only alternative availible is an outlet. I wish I could change it to cover.

Maybe this will give you the functionality you want?