How to change an attribute of an entity within an automation

I have what may be a strange question, but believe me, there is a reason. I am curious if there is syntax that I can use to change the value of an attribute string in an entity.

Here is the context. I am using the Alexa media player service within Home Assistant. I am using as my dashboard/ui (Can’t say enough great things about that tool. So much easier to use than Lovelace and am able to create a fantastic tablet). Within SharpTools IO, they have a media tile that allows you to show album art. Working great, except, when you pause or stop music, the attribute “entity_picture” (which is a url for album art) stays to be what the last song played - till you play another song. Under developer tools within HA, I am able to set the value of that attribute (or any attribute) manually. Works great. I would love to have a way to change the album art to something else when the media player is stopped or paused.

I have been looking and trying various yaml syntax within an automation, but only getting errors.

Any thoughts out there?

There is a hacs solution for it
pmazz/ps_hassio_entities: Python script to handle state and attributes of existing sensors and entities (
But do note… as soon as the entity gets an update via HA …it will be set back

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Took me a little while to get it up and running (mostly because I am still new to yaml and have challenges with the syntax … and spacing)… but once I got it working it worked like a charm.

Also - regarding your note… I totally want the entity to be updated by HA … will happen when the music plays again.

Problem Solved! Thanks again!

Great and agree with the not-really-easy part… but when you get it … it is great, I use this in quite a few cases actually.
If you are now fine, do mark my post for solution so others can benefit from that in searching :slight_smile:

I am new to the community. I looked around and even searched how to mark it as a solution, but couldn’t see anything. I did find this by someone posted elsewhere… Marking a topic as solved?. In this article it is mentioned that the option isn’t always turned on. I think it may be because I didn’t originally put the question under a category. (I wasn’t certain where to put it under). Would love to mark it. If I am missing something, let me know. Thanks again!

Sigh…did not know this…anyhow… thanks and most important: it worked :slight_smile:

Can someone tell me if this is still in HACS? Because I can’t find it: