How to change color to group of lights, each light random, like LiFX themes / Hue Mood

Hi, I have been trying to replicate the Lifx Themes / Philips hue scenes that will set a “lighting theme” to a set of lights in a group. So for example, given a colour palette, I would like to somehow set all the lights within a group to be of one of the colors from within that list but each light must have its own colour.

Philips Hue has something similar to LiFX Themes, is there maybe a similar HA Frontend extension that already does that?

I have thought about creating my own scene and setting each light to a color and then saving It as a scene but it just seems too big of a hassle when you have > 30 lights and you would like to create multiple different scenes.
Also, I have recently moved all my lights from the Hue Hub to Sonoff/Zigbee direct HA and I cannot use Philips hue to create a scene and then save it within HA.

Any idea on where / how to achieve this?

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@max101 did you ever find a solution for this?

No :frowning:
Seems there isn’t enough interest for this