How to change group item swithes from lightning to slider


How can I do to replace the lightning Icons with a slider control. this is Group switches.

you probably need to create an input_number and create a few automations around it.
per each slider you’ll need an automation to react when using it, you probably need a 2nd automation to set the slide position in case you change the dimness somewhere else
Let me know if you need more help with this.
That’s anyway how I would approach this

I don’t think that they are asking for a “slider” as used in our common usage of the word. I think they mean “toggle”.

you need to set the assumed state for all of the lights to false in the customize section. At least I’m pretty sure that works for lights.

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Yes maybe that was a bit unclear. it is proberbly toggle I mean.
I want the Group common controler from the groups “Nere” and “Uppe” in a separate group and the controler for that group to lock like it does in the groups

did you look at the link i posted about customizing your lights/switches/groups?

      assumed_state: false

thank you DavidFW1960 now it works.

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