How to change map icon

I’m using a custom theme that makes it impossible to see the icons of the zones on the map. The “icon” attribute works fine but the colors change according to the theme. So I thought of using a still image but I tried the “pictures” and “element_picture” attributes but it did not work.

Another solution would be to assign a fixed color only to these icons. It is possible?

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I’ve been encountering this same issue. It appears that the icons on the map use primary-text-color
The closest I’ve got is using the following in the theme, which makes them stand out a bit more:

iron-icon-stroke-color: '#000000'

This puts a black outline around all the icons, unfortunately this includes the ones in the sidebar.

Anyone found a solution to this on dark themes? The map icons turn white blending into the background of the map. I would hate to have to change primary-text-color because then it would no show up.

Any progress on this one? Maybe there is a way to change map to dark?

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any news on this?

Nope. Vote for this: