How to change powercosts (EUR/kWh) for my Shelly Plug S in Home Assistant!?


I am pretty new to Home Assistant and very impressted but there is one thing i am getting crazy with.
It seems like i have defined wrong power costs for one of my shelly plugs. This was very intuitive to add during setup, but i fear i have added something wrong because it shows the costs 10 times higher then the other plugs.
I am searching now back and forth where these settings could be hidden in Home Assistand, but I failed to find it.
I have clicked on every entity this shelly plug has and on the gear icon, but I cannot find the EUR / kWh settings.


found it - under search in HA there is a point called “Energiekonfiguration”
There are these settings.
I would love to have a quick link from Energydashboard to theses settings, would make sense to have a cockpit where you can view and change everything.
Maybe its just me and my “unknowledge” about HA and i have to change something in HA for beeing able to get more info out of energy dashboard.