How to change seriel dev of zigbee integration

Hi all,
I have searched through the my files, the forum ,and documentation online, but couldn’t find the right config file to change the serial device for my zigbee integration. I started with a CC2531 USB stick but want to switch over to my LAUNCHXL-CC26X2R1.
What’s the best way to do this?

which integration are you using?

Sorry I missed that… I am using ZHA

The easiest way would probably be to just remove and then re-add the integration with the updated dev path.

alternatively, the path for the existing integration is stored in the hidden “.storage” folder in a file called “core.config_entries”.

be aware that those files aren’t meant to be user editable and if you screw it up you could break your HA.

Make a backup first and stop HA before editing the file then restart HA.

Will I need to pair every node again. I read that this could happen or in best case do I need to repair the nodes, correct?

No the nodes are paired to the controller not to the integration.

you might have to rename your entities again depending on how much renaming you originally did when pairing each node.

@finity thanks for your help, removing the integration and setting it up with the new USB device worked.
Yes i had to rename my renamed entities.
Now everything works as it should be!
Thanks again

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