How to change static IP address

I don’t use static ip’s, i use dhcp-reservations,
And since the dhcp server is on my router, yeah i have to re-enter this list when i get a new router.
But at least it is done centralized on one device, instead of me configuring each and every individual device :thinking:

subnets are defined by netmask.
192.168.1.x uses netmask
192 168.y.x uses netmask

So a netmask of gives you a range of - while
a netmask of gives you a range of -

How do I the odroid a new ip address without logging into it. Since I can’t sign into it as of yet. Is there a code I enter in haos

what me and @vingerha said, either put back your old router, and you should be able to logon and change ip address. Or change subnetmask on router to (after which should also be able to access).

But also connecting a monitor/mouse would do.
Step 3. here describes how (you could have found that info yourself here too, you’re not the first one that asks….)

Hi thanks for getting back,

I get a error of “unknown command” when I type nmcli connection show
See the picture

what am i doing wrong

check this post from21d ago…you first need to type login (plusenter)
How to change IP adresse in CLI - Configuration - Home Assistant Community (

Thanks for that!
I got until step 4 and then i get this error

I seem to see that the supervisor is on 192.168.0
So. can you possibly set the router to that subnet?

Other… a bit higher in the same post

How to change IP adresse in CLI - Configuration - Home Assistant Community (

Repeating that I cannot verify this as no I donot have HAOS
And… you HAVE to know the subnet of the router before you start setting static IP anyhow else it will continue to not work if you set it to 192.168.1 and subnet is 0

Yes I just found the LAN IP in the router settings.
It is currently set at change the 1 to 0 will fix the issue?

and btw what about the devices currently connected to the network, will they continue to function

Is the router IP dynamic or static; i.e. did it get its ip from the main router (i am just guessing this router is connected to your internat:wan router)?
If it received the IP from the main router then I woul not chnage it but try to set the HA address to match the 68…since you now have access to the HA machine you can try untill it works imho

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Yes the router is connected to the modem and thats how it gets its internet wan.
I have been trying to change the HA ip address to match my routers. But then you asked to change the subnet as I will have to change that anyway to change HAs ip address.

The problem now is I get stuck at step 4 of the link you set.

A much easier solution would be to simply factory reset it, but i cant find answers on that, so im trying the ip address

lets go back to basics then
please send ip of router NOW (not sure if you changed it)<
pleqse send nmcli feedback from your HA

are you on discord? that would be much faster

Assuming you did not change the router …Try this after you connected to supervisor
nmcli> set ipv4.addresses
Probqby you need to restart the machine then

I found this to restart from scratch…
If you can rename the config folder, then restart … then you could afterwards copy bits and pieces back…repeating again that I have no experience so donot kill the messenger :slight_smile:
I read in other posts that it may reauire a cabled connection
Hard reset - Configuration - Home Assistant Community (

WDYM cabled connection and copy bits and pieces?

discord? I qm on a french keyboard and fingers hurt

haha go for it

I am not quite sure what you did and what is wrong, but the screenshots you’re providing says its URL is http://mari.local:8123
Did you ever try this?

yes and it doesnt work.

I have a new network provider and i have moved to a new router. and that is causing me issues with HAOS on odorid. other devices work fine