How to change step size for thermostat in mushroom card

Does anyone know how to change the step size of the temperature adjust in mushroom card? Currently it moves 0.1 each time which takes far too many presses to change the temp. Ideally want it to move by 1 with each press.

      - type: custom:mushroom-climate-card
        entity: climate.living_room
        show_temperature_control: true
        fill_container: false
          - auto
          - heat
        icon: mdi:heat-wave
        collapsible_controls: false
          action: more-info
        name: Living Room Heat

That’s controlled by your thermostat, not the card.

Hey Petro,

I have a TADO system that steps up with 0.5
The Mushroom Climate Card doesn’t. It up’s with 0.1

I agree with @gwjr, from off to 18 is a lot of clicking :wink:

Then take up the issue with custom button card, not me :wink:

All ha built cards, the thermostat determines the step size.