How to change switch to dimmer (light) with new rfxtrx GUI configuration?

I am using 0.117 and really like the new rfxtrx integration but how do I convert a switch to dimmer.
In earlier versions I changed the bit 01 to 02 in the configuration file but how do I do it in the GUI?
0b11000248bc0cfe09 01 0f70
0b11000248bc0cfe09 02 0f70

Thanks in advance

You need to remove the old device through UI and then re-add it through the UI with the adapted code.

Thanks I missed the step to first remove

To be fair, it’s not 100% clear in the docs, probably a good idea to clarify that.

Hi, where can i find the code that Peter is changing? My kaku dimmable plugs/devices are not working correctly. I had to start from scratch with rfxtrx because the integration was crashing. now HA is only sending on / off commands, previously i could set the brightness level and the light would jump to that brightness. could even ask google to put the light at 50% .

Managed to fix it, deleted the entry in rfxtrx integration and added the ID I got from an old backup with modified digit…

Where can I find the current device id and where can I set the changed device id? I don’t have these values in an old backup like you have, since I just started using home assistant this year. RFXCOM is working fine, but there’s nothing in my configuration.yaml file and I have two KAKU dimmers that were added as switches that I need to convert.

Can this still be done in the current versions of Home Assistant and the RFXTRX integration? I can’t seem to find these device codes anywhere, nor a place to change them. I’ve only started using HA this year, so there’s nothing in my config.yaml file.