How to change the Docker default Network?

Hi, I’m new to Hassio, and have no linux knowledge. I’ve deployed the hassio appliance on a ESXi server, everything fine the server starts I can see the console, login etc. but nothing is running on port 8123. I’ve waited hours (as I thought it might be installing), but no luck.

I found out that the docker network is using /16, which is exactly the same network I’m running. So I suspect (not sure) that is the issue, so the container cannot reach anything in my network as he treats it as local internal docker.

assuming this is the problem I would like to change the default network from 172.17.x to 172.21.x for example. but I cannot find an article on how to do that. Again my linux knowledge is not good, but do know networks, ESXi, Microsoft…

hope someone can point me in the right direction.

Below link tell how modify default network(I never use or verify)