Change docker0 network from due to IP conflict

I am trying to run the Hyper-V appliance of HassOS.
But I am having som issues with the builtin docker0 bridge network.

I use a few VLANs at home all are within the network. This is also the network used by docker0.

I need to figure out how to change that network. Docker has this suggestion.
So now my question is how do I find /etc/docker/daemon.json.

I took the image and booted a linux and looked around in all partitions that I could mount and didnt find anything. (windows guy so might have missed something)

I have searched for it, found things like this:

This page didnt get a answer that solves the problem.

based on the docs it look like daemon.json not exist until you create it and only thing that will exist in it is your user defined networks. same as a HA intergration .yaml file

you may also look at Portainer as it has mechanism for manage the docker networking and may simplify this.

Thanks for the reply. I have been trying to figure this out.

Portainer does not allow for changes to docker network.

I tried to mount the disk that hass.os is running on to create the /etc/docker/daemon.json file
But I cant get it to mount RW. (/dev/sdc3 on /mnt type squashfs (ro,relatime))

I understand that the system isnt really to be changed, and I love that Idea, if I just could use it and not have an IP conflict… The depressing thing is that HA doesnt event use the docker network.

BUT you talked about a HA intergration.yaml file… I need to stop running my head into a wall, so ill look into if I can use the integration.yaml to do changes to the docker in the base.

Have you tried using Portainer? Would make this much easier.

I will test today to see if I can create docker network

worked. Portainer makes this no issue.
i created a new bridge network with that IP range. I am certain if I move all Containers to that network they continue working without issue. I may test tonight but cannot now as it could bring down Services which I need for Answering My Door :slight_smile:

I will check to see how to change default “bridge” network in docker but cannot fully verify as this would break my system possibly but maybe I move to network also. I think all my stuff use hostname not docker IP so this is likely no issue for me.

Actually I think I deviated and forget you not using docker but using VM with HASS OS(docker).

In this case portainer and above cannot help but the .json suggestion still should. Originally I realize the VM but I forgot when I look back at this question. I will look at HASSOS and check this on one of my RasPi with HA to see where this file live and how changes affect it. I beileve this should be similar enough to your issue.