How to change the function of what a MOES Zigbee Wall Switch does

Hi, First post so go easy on me :slight_smile:

I have been using HA for a long time but have run into a slight issue.

I have a lot of Hue bulbs all connected to a Hue hub that is integrated into Home Assistant.

There is 2 of these lights which were connected to a dumb switch, so i bought this wall switch ( with the intention of one of the rockers turning on/off the hue lights and the other as a button to set another automation up.

I have wired it all in and paired it with the Conbee II I have.

The issue is the rocker that is wired into the lights does turn on/off the lights. But when it turns off the lights it also cuts the power to the lights (Kind of expected).

Is it possible to change what this switch does, as in can I get it to just turn off the bulbs (like a button would do) rather than cut out the power?

If not, is there any other options I could possibly try out?