How to change the step-Value from an input_number helper via an automation or script


i have a helper called “setpoint_xyz” which has configured by step 50 and i use it for adapt dynamically the value. Now i want to optimise and have the requirement to adjust the step size of the input_number helper (e.g. from 50 to 25).

Of course I can do this manually via the interface, but I would like to do it within an automation.

But there is no service for editing the step.

The only services for input_number are: input_number.increment /.decrement /.reload and / .set_value (but i don’t want to set the value but i will set the “step”.

Any suggestions?

Thx a lot,
Stefan from Germany (sorry for my bad english) :wink:

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You cannot do this.

The best you could do is set the actual step size to the smallest step you want; then if you want to enforce a larger step size, trigger an automation when it changes to update it to the closest “virtual step”.

Do not apologise. Most people with English as a first language would never be able to use a forum or system in another language.