How to check AiO Raspberry Pi Install

Hi All,

I have run the AiO installer on my Raspberry Pi 3 and checked the install log. I fixed the py file to point to the Python 3.5 folder and can’t see any other errors in the install log but I can still not access at [myip]:8123. Any thoughts?

Many thanks

In a ssh shell type ps -aux and look for homeassistant, if it’s running you should see it, check the homeassistant.log for errors.

Thanks for the help. It appears to be running:

homeass+ 446 7.8 3.3 124452 31648 ? Ssl 19:15 0:05 /srv/homeassist

Where would I find the log?

Depends on your install method, mine is in …


or most peeps have…


The .homeasistant dir is hidden so you won’t see it if you cd into /home/pi/

Good luck :slight_smile:

The AIO installer is deprecated - if you’re installing on Raspbian Jessie then you’re going to have to upgrade Python and rebuild your venv before December is out or lose the ability to install updates to Home Assistant.

If you’re only just starting I would highly recommend that you start fresh with Raspbian Stretch and a Virtual Environment install, or use Hassbian. If you don’t want to do that then look at the forum for how to upgrade your existing install and do that now, before you go any further (you’ll be significantly faster starting again though).