How to check the status of a Home Assistant Addon

I am very very new to Home Assistant and Node-Red.

I have a Home Assistant Addon - Hassio Hostapd Extended
In Node-Red, I want to check the current status (running or stopped) of this addon.

How to do it in Node-Red?

can someone pls help?

You need to make a rest sensor.

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Thanks a lot for the tip.
And which node should I use to check in Node-RED?

Like any other sensor. You could use it in a events current state node. It will output when the sensor changes. Connect to call service node and define the action.


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For anyone stumbling across this like me:
Nowadays there is a binary sensor which can tell you if an addon is running. You just have to enable it.
Go to Settings > Devices > Addon in question > Sensors > Running > Advanced Options > Enable.

Using the not_running trigger you can trigger on an addon stopping.

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