How to clean up influxdb?

I can access the influx cli and discovered how to delete individual data points in a time series. Something changed in a specific sensor and the whole measurement history is now junk data.
I tried:

use hassio.autogen
show series from "mm"
> key
> ---
> mm,domain=sensor,entity_id=tfa_30_3233_01_3d_d7_rain_total
> mm,domain=sensor,entity_id=tfa_30_3233_01_7b_ae_rain_total
> mm,domain=sensor,entity_id=tfa_80_0c_rain_total
> mm,domain=sensor,entity_id=tr1_ws1200_d1_05_rain_total

I want to delete all data from tfa_30_3233_01_3d_d7_rain_total

drop series from "tfa_30_3233_01_3d_d7_rain_total"
drop measurement "tfa_30_3233_01_3d_d7_rain_total"

It doesn’t display errors but the data remains.

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Thanks that worked (I used " and not ')
delete from "mm" where entity_id='tfa_30_3233_01_3d_d7_rain_total'