How to combine auto-entities with config-template-card in multi-level approach

Hello everyone,
there are awesome cards out there like @thomasloven 's auto-entities & card-mod or @iantrich 's config-template-card, and @romrider 's apexcharts-card`. That is to name but a few of many :slight_smile:

Each of these cards adds one important part to Home Assistant that is missing from stock. And that is the point of such an open, community oriented and based system :slight_smile:

Anyway, I have found that in 99% of my cards I need auto-entities, card-mod and I need config-template-card.

Unfortunately, I have yet to figure out how to make them work in a multi-level approach.

I am trying to feed entities with wildcard (from auto-entities) into a stock or custom card that does not support wildcards. At the same time I am trying to feed Javascript to the same card.

Problem: only one top-layer card seems to work. So either I use c-t-c or auto-e.

And since c-t-c does not support wildcards, I thought that maybe auto-e can supply also c-t-c. Again, seems to fail.

So approach would be

  1. auto-entities supplies wildcard entitiy list to config-template-card AND to apexcharts-card
  2. config-template-card supplies Javascript capability and entity monitoring to apexcharts-card (monitoring of the entities supplied by auto-entities.

So in a way, auto-entities would need to work like card-mod (which is not a card) and is always available, not just within the one layer below it.

Can anybody think of a way to make this work?

My starting point:

type: custom:auto-entities
    - input_datetime.*                             # entities needed by config-template-card AND apexcharts-card
    - sensor.xiaomi_humidity*                # entities needed by apexcharts-card
      options:                                          # options needed by apexcharts-card
        name: >-
          Humidity", "") }
        yaxis_id: first
        stroke_width: 2
          func: raw
        type: line
        opacity: 1
        curve: smooth
        fill_raw: last
          extremas: true
          datalabels: false
  type: custom:config-template-card                 # needed to add Javascript to apexcharts-card
      type: custom:apexcharts-card                   # basic apexcharts-card using the input of the two above
        style: |
          ha-card {
            --ha-card-background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);
            --ha-card-box-shadow: none;
            --primary-text-color: white;
            --secondary-text-color: white;
      graph_span: >-
        offset: >-
        - id: first
          show: true
        - id: second
          show: true
          decimals: 2
        title: Xiaomi Humidity
        show: true
        show_states: true
        colorize_states: true
          show: false

Have you gotten this to work? Iā€™m trying to do something equal with bar cards.