How to communicate with E90-DTU-433L30E and 433MHz Wireless Weather Station

Hello again,

I can turn on/off my led with relay with your help in this post: :pray:

Today I want to read temperature and I need some help again.
I have this:

port: 8886
tcp_keepalive_idle_timer: 600

I don’t know how to use HA but I look in DevelopersTools->States->Entity and I don’t see anything looks like my transmitter…

Can I have some communication between these hardwares?
Do you know some useful link about configuration and tutorial for HA for what I want to do?

or maybe this page because my HA talk throw Ethernet
TCP - Home Assistant (
I will try this command on a linux terminal and maybe I can see something

nc -l -p 8887

I will check with wireshark too

You might not have read the rflink doc thoroughly.
See the note regarding “Adding devices Automatically”

This evening I will try this in configuration.yaml

host: # transmitter ip
port: 8886 # tramsmitter port


  • platform: rflink
    automatic_add: true

default: error
rflink: debug
homeassistant.components.rflink: debug

The RFLink integration only talks with an RFLink gateway. I don’t think you can connect that device using RFLink integration.

I’m not sure if it is the same device, but it could be that it uses a Modbus protocol:

If so, you can try using Modbus integration to see what you can get:


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I think same you that RFLink is not the answer.

When I see the array above, I understand that my model doesnt support Modbus (433L30E)

For the side Ethernet, I see nothing with the netcat command but I see le link led is yellow and on. So if I believe the text under, it is connecting well.

I think the big problem is that the no communication between the weather station and the E90-DTU…

I will try to play with the software in datasheet: TCP/UDP network debugging assistant.

It looks like that weather station works fine with RFLink. What they use between weather station and raspberry pi??

Probably some original sin, here.
E90-DTU-433L30E is a Lora transceiver, which happens to use the 433MHz frequency. It’s not an RFLink gateway, afaict.

I don’t see any reason to believe that the ED90 and the weather station can communicate.

An RFLink gateway is used here.

You can DIY (there is a lot of info from internet):

There is also people that sells the gateway assembled:

Arduino Mega and an RF receiver, this is the boad supported by RFlink

If your device is a digoo dg r8s Alternatively you may use :

  • an RTL 433 SDR module + the RTL 433 library see here
  • an ESP32 with Openmqttgateway + a cc1101 with RTL 433
  • an RF receiver connected to the PI with Pilight library 0.16.2
  • a Sonoff RF bridge with a direct hack and Openmqttgateway with Pilight 0.16.2
  • an esp32 with Openmqttgateway and Pilight 0.16.2 + an RF receiver

Note that 0.17 of Pilight had a regression and does not work with your device

As a general option for temperature measurement people are more and more considering BLE devices like the LYWSD03MMC .

Like a noob, I thought to choose the same frequency both side was enough.
and just need to choose the same protocol after…

The seller of the E90-DTU(433L30E) answer me that I can use Lora Module SMD SX1278 433MHz Wireless. I don’ need long distance and this solution seems more expensif.

The seller of the “weather station” did not answer me yet… But if I can know more about it, I want to use this solution. I gonna dig this way.

Thanks for your help and I hope this thread can help someone else