How to completely turn off Roborock vaccum (long press)


I am new to Home Assistant and managed to get everything up and running so far.
Now I am trying to achieve the following:

After my Roborock S7Plus is finished cleaning, has returned to the dock, has finished charging (power less than 2 Watts on the Nous A1T outlet for a few minutes), I’d like to completely turn off the vacuum robot - like the manual long press on its middle/power button - and finally turn off the power outlet afterwards.

If I turn off the outlet after charging the vacuum robot without turning it off, it always loses ~25% battery because it idles for 24 hours I think. The robot is not being used on a daily basis, and it wakes up automatically when the dock is turned on (power outlet → on).

The Roborock S7Plus vacuum robot is integrated via Xiaomi Miio integration (I have an additional Xiaomi fan), is not rooted and running the latest firmware.

Is there any way to do a complete shutdown of the robot, maybe emulating a long press somehow?

Currently, I am using HomeAssistant…

Core 2024.3.0
Supervisor 2024.02.1
Operating System 12.0
Frontend 20240306.0

…on a RasberryPi 5 (8GB).

Thank you so much in advance, any help is very much appreciated!