How to configure Aqara M2 gateway as router to an existing SONOFF Zigbee Gateway, ZBDongle-E 3.0?

My HA zigged network works fine with a SONOFF Zigbee USB stick. Next step is to install the Aqara door/window sensors. At some doors I do not receive the zigged signal. Idea was to use an Aqara M2 gateway as extender/repeater to the existing Sonoff stick acting as coordinator.

First try was to add the M2 via the Integrations but even after specifying the address it dis not find it. Also read in the forum that this might not be possible.

Second try was to add it via the HomeKit integration, got HA notice and added it to Home Kit (added it via QR code, and in another try via entering the xxx-xx-xxx number which worked) I can see it in HomeKit.

The issue is that I cannot see see it in the Zigbee MQTT map as a repeater. Also deleted the M2 again from HomeKit and enabled to add new devices in Zogbee MQTT but it does not appear.

I can add and delete it via home kit
I can add and it via Aqara application and connect sensors to it

I cannot integrate it into the zigged network as router/repeater below the coordinator at I cannot see there.

  1. Deleted all entries from Aquara app
  2. Deleted Aqara M2 from HomeKit (to start from scratch)
  3. Deleted and reinstalled Homekit gateway (reconfigured all existing devices)
  4. M2 was assigned an IP, can see it in my network gateway in WIFI/WLAN view
  5. Deleted device from Aqara App
  6. Added it as new HomeKit device
  7. See in Homekit Bridge with one device Aqara M2
  8. via homekit enable pairing mode, zigbee mqtt enable adding new devices
    10 via homekit disable pairing mode, zigbee mqtt enable adding new devices
  9. Delete Home assist Aqara gateway
  10. zigbee mqtt enable adding new devices

Cannot see m2 in zigbee mqtt.

Any ideas how to integrate use the m2 to extend zigged network? Thanks.

Hi, I`m also interested in this. Did you figure out a way to do it?

Unless there’s a way to replace the firwmare, this device will work as coordinator, but NOT as a router/repeater. You have two options: 1) buy a device that is not battery powered and can be used as a repeater (like a light bulb, switch, power plug). 2) move the M2 to a area where it can reach your sensors, pair the sensors to it and connect the m2 thru homekit.