How to configure custom esp8266 device

Hi guys. I have a custom esp8266 device that I’d like to add to home assistant. I had some custom firmware on it but I’d like to try doing the logic via Node Red in Home Assistant instead of having to modify firmware.

I’ve flashed tasmota to the device. The device has:

  • A relay (GPIO 4, mapped to Relay1 (21) in Tasmota config)
  • An LED (GPIO 14, mapped to Led1 (52) in Tasmota config)
  • A switch (GPIO 5, mapped to Button1 (17) in Tasmota config)
  • A binary sensor with a pull down resistor (GPIO 13, mapped to Switch2 in Tasmota config)

All other GPIO are set to None via Tasmota configuration.

I have turned on auto discovery for the device and Home Assistant picked it up immediately and allowed me to toggle the relay.

All the above GPIO are recognized by home assistant.

  • If I toggle the relay via home assistant, the LED is toggled
  • If I press the button, the relay and LED are activated until the button is released
  • If I short/close the sensor (bringing the pin high), the relay and LED are activated until the sensor is opened

The problem I’m having is that the above individual pieces are being tied together automatically. I do not want the LED to activate if the relay is activated. I do not want the button to activate the relay and LED. I want to be able to get the current 0/1 value from the sensor instead of activating the relay and LED when the sensor is high.

I would like the relay, the led, the switch, and the sensor mapped to independent entity that I can use and link together as desired in Node Red.

Can you guys offer any pointers on where to start here? I’ve done a lot of searching but haven’t had much luck so far :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for the time!


For me I would migrate to ESPHome, much easier to integrate.


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Nice. I’m pretty new to the automation scene in general. I didn’t know that existed. I’ll check it out.

I’ll second that recommendation. I’ve replaced all my Tasmota-ized device firmware with ESPHome. You won’t regret it.

Man, good call on ESPHome guys. That definitely makes things far simpler. I have the hardware integrated with home assistant and I’m ready to start playing with the logic side.

Thanks for the help!

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