How to configure dashboard on/off icon?

I have 6 smart light bulbs,… all exactly the same model. Connected into Home Assistant via the Amazon Alexa integration.

The problem is: On the standard Home Assistant dashboard, the ON/OFF control for 1 of them is a “pair of electric bolts”. For the other 5, the ON/OFF control is the normal toggle switch.

I don’t see anywhere in the config to control the ON/OFF icon.

These are all set up in Alexa the same way. I don’t see any differences on the HA side either.

Any thoughts?


Did you compare what you see if you look at a working entity and the wrong one in the developer tools?

This indicates there is no way for the entity to determine current state. What kind of smart bulb is it?

the “pair of lightning bolts” acts like a toggle switch. click on one to change the state. the bulb icon changes color and also the “pair of lightning bolts” swap colors - to indicate change of state. just like the toggle.

the light is configured exactly the same as the other 5 lights in all respects that i can find.

Please post a comparison like from my message before. I’d like to see what attributes there are for one working and the non-working entity. You just repeated what you said before without giving more information. You didn’t answer Edwin’s question either.

I think you all are right about the meaning of the “pair of lightning bolt” icons = the device is unresponsive.

I was confused - you can click on them and they seem to change state - even though unresponsive? Before posting my original message, I thought I saw them change state in Alexa as well,… but maybe not.

Two different lights are now unresponsive and showing the “pair of lightning bolts” icons instead of the toggle button.

That solves it. Thank you.

Now I just need to figure out why these Sengled Zigbee Smart Light Bulbs are so unreliable in the last few months,… grrr! I chose zigbee thinking it would be controlled locally and more responsive/stable. I guess not.

They are paired with Amazon Alexa Echo 4th Gen via zigbee. I would rather pair with Home Assistant, but the Sengled integration didn’t have functionality to control the color.