How to configure device.tracker with fritzbox tools now?

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with the new UI based config, there is no way to set my config from configuation.yaml without HA complaining.

  - platform: fritz
    consider_home: 1800
    interval_seconds: 60

How can I set the these configuration values now?

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I have submitted a bug report for this, but maybe this should have been a feature request?
Missing consider_home option for FRITZ!Box Tools config flow · Issue #50180 · home-assistant/core (

Same here, device tracker FritzBox (iPhones) do not longer work in 2021.5.0.

I confirm as well. Since the config has been moved to GUI, my presence detection is not working anymore, the tracked devices are not changing their status.

I could confirm as well, device tracker with Fritz!Box have been working without any troubles until 2021.5.x.
That’s really bad that updates do have such disadvantages, makes no sense in my opinion and hope to see pretty soon an updated version which works again.

The integration is not working correct. Before the update presence detection with my fritzbox worked perfectly. After update I only see 3 devices.

As a workaround you could use the ping component. :slight_smile:

I thought of that as a temp. solution aswell. For the ping component to work in my situation I have to reconfigure a lot of automations.
For the time being I restored 4.6 from a snapshot.

Anybody opened an issue on github for this?

any updates on this problem?

Just to note, the changes have been merged into the dev version of HA. Should be in the next stable release. :slight_smile:

Would like to loop @chemelli here.

Is it really not an option or not planned to implement an include/exclude settings in the integration?

Yes, default is, that the devices/trackers are disabled, BUT in the meantime it is more than hard to have the overview about “real” disabled entities, which I have disabled because of reasons, etc. and the 99% fritzbox tool devices, which I never ever will use as trackers and are disables in the entitiy list. esp. as these are now 2x with the new internet access switches.

A simple include box, where I can set my 2 from 200 devices (not all available, but I do not press "forget not existing devices every day in fritzbox, because some of them have settings, …), which I want to have as trackers during integration setup or (preferred) always there. Same as in other integrations like alexa media player, …?

Unfortunately, I’m not able to develop this (not a developer), but the 198 or now 396 existing entities without any reason in my entity list … this is really jumping the shark.

As there are lot’s of merges/changes in this integration, please think about this.

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Hi, I would ask (again) to open a architecture discussion to get it right not for Fritz but for all device tracker based on the new ScannerEntity.
Link: Discussions · home-assistant/architecture (



Done here now. But for me it is still not a tracker based general topic, but a Fritzbox Tool topic.

It is not only the tracker entity, but the generated devices as well and the switch entities. All generated unwanted, unnecessary and to be filtered via the suggested include box in the three mentioned py-modules.