How to configure HAssio with Zigbee2MQTT CC2531 and an already existing third-party coordinator

Hi Home Assistant community,

sorry for asking such newbie question -newbie that I am in Zigbee- but here is my concern:

I have Zigbee shutters from Profalux, which have already created their network, elected a coordinator, individual remote controls paired with each motor. I am willing to use a RPi3 with a Zigbee2MQTT CC2531 USB stick and Home Assistant while keeping the existing paired remote/motors so that I can still open/close the shutters in case my RPi fails.

As there can’t be 2x coordinators on the same network, I either have to add the CC2531 as a router, but then can Home Assistant use it to drive the network ? Or break the existing Profalux network, add CC2531 as coordinator and do all the pairing of remotes+motors to the new network. Painful.

There could be alternatives I’d be more than happy to test in case you can give me pointer to.

Thanks for your help

You can use 2 coordinators, creating 2 networks, that is not the problem. Just use another zigbee channel, and of course you can’t add your profalux devices to the new network.

Thanks, I found the issue: my new CC2531 coordinator was too far from the shutter motor. The remote control was seen but the motor that syncs through the remote couldn’t. Moving the coordinator closer permitted proper join.
The important point for me was to maintain the remote and motor control in case the coordinator is gone and it works as expected.