How to configure iBeacon range/distance?

Hi there,

I’ve setup a few iBeacons, however one point I’m not clear on, is how can I limit the range detected? Presumably the RSSI. Or that the App only takes values/zones from the strongest (most likely to be in that room) signal?

At the moment, with 2 iBeacons in diifferent rooms, unfortunately it shows as present in both zones. Or is this something I need to (try and) set on the iBeacons themselves?


With some beacons you can set the power and transmission interval via an app from the manufacturer (e.g. The app will only see whichever beacons are received by the phone so you would either need to turn down power or RF-proof the rooms (think faraday cages…). It may be possible that this will see further possibilities with iOS 13 but to be honest I think you’ll need to wait for BlueTooh 6 to make it to market as that will have ranging abilities.