How to configure preferred Thread network

Which they promissed for November 15 :confused: :angry:


I resolved the change of channel at 25 for an integration of myhome1563195xyz 5 border routers


NUC Generic x86-64

HA →

  • Core2024.1.3
  • Supervisor2023.12.0
  • Operating System11.4

Silicon Labs Multiprotocol
Current version: 2.4.2. ------ ATTENTION version is very important after 2.4.2. Zigbee2MQTT no work

Initial 15 for Zigbee2MQTT and home-assistant 15 Thread

change setting in Zigbee2MQTT in web interface Parameter → Advance → ZigBee channel (15) to → 25

Attention all device Zigbee is delete you restart ad all device

Restart HA

Ad device in Zigbee2MQTT in canal 25

edit config in file homeassistant_hardware.silabs at /config/.storage/homeassistant_hardware.silabs

“version”: 1,
“minor_version”: 1,
“key”: “homeassistant_hardware.silabs”,
“data”: {
“channel”: 15


“version”: 1,
“minor_version”: 1,
“key”: “homeassistant_hardware.silabs”,
“data”: {
“channel”: 25

Restart HA


Delete 2 integration

Open Thread Border Router

Restart HA

4: Re instal Open Thread Border Router by HACS and Thread

Restart HA


You reconfigured Thread and the sytème is :slight_smile:

Network name: home-assistant
Channel: 25

Is my solution for resolve the problem

Is there a way to change the apple thread network to 15 instead of changing skyconnect to 25? I already have a lot of devices on the zigbee network

I don’t believe any aspect of the Apple Thread network is configurable. However, bear in mind that you don’t need to join your SkyConnect adapter to the Apple Thread network in order to access devices connected to your Apple Thread network. See here - Thread - Home Assistant

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t up…

In my explanations I configured everything on channel 25 of Matter IOS.

Reconfiguring Zibigbee devices was a long job because I have more than 180 devices.

With this update of HA of February 2024 I was able to join the two treahd networks in one now I have all my open border router (1 apple TV, 2 mini homepod, 2 max homepod and the HA via Siliconlabs ) who are in the same network.

This long-term work took me a lot of time. But today I can say that it was fruitful, because with the latest updates of my assistant, Zigbee2MQTT etc.

I just finished the migration, and the network is stabilizing.

On the other hand, depending on the brand of Matter equipment I still cannot see its equipment in Home Assistant, for example the water leak sensors of the EVE brand are only visible in the EVE or Home(Apple).

The nanoleaf bulb form that I used to obtain myHome information is completely transparent in all the Home Assistant , Eve and Home (Apple) universes.

Depends if they are HomeKit-only devices or support both Matter & HomeKit. If you add a HomeKit device somewhere you can only add it once, whereas Matter devices can be shared across ecosystems.