How to configure push button from sonoff s20/tasmota in home assistant?

Hello everyone!

I’m new to the whole home automation / assistant space. I’ve got the HA working on a raspi and I’m overwhelmed how much features are running ootb. So I can use tasmota/shelly switches via mqtt and zigbee/tuya lights and thermostats and all is working very well.
But now as I’m going a little bit deeper into this more and more questions are popping up.

The first one for now is: I can not find a solution to get the push button on my sonoff S20 plugs “Steck1” and “Steck2” (w tasmota) running. As far as a know from mqtt explorer (thanks to Thomas!) there comes a message on state/Steck1/RESULT:

  "Button1": {
    "Action": "SINGLE"

But I do not know how to handle it in HA.
Could you please give some advice how and where to get started with it?

Thanks in advance

Okay, maybe that question is too noobish?
But unfortunately I do not even have a clue.
As far as I know HA and mosquitto can send the message “RESULT = {“POWER”:“OFF”}” for switching the plug. But what about the message “Button1”: {“Action”: “SINGLE”} from the plug?