How to configure PVVX sensor decimals

The problem seems to be that filters is the sensor level, but pvvx_mithermometer has several ‘sub’ sensors, like temperature, humidity, etc. and I’d want different decimals for those reported. Like 1 for temperature, 0 for humidity. No need to record (changes) at better resolution.

What does your existing config look like?

First thing I would try is to add accuracy_decimals: 1 to each subsensor at the same level as name: .

Yay! That works. Doc is a little scarce here or I just did not expect this to work.

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  - platform: pvvx_mithermometer
    mac_address: "****"
      name: "atc_03_lent Temperature"
      accuracy_decimals: 1
      name: "atc_03_lent Humidity"
      accuracy_decimals: 0
      name: "atc_03_lent Battery-Level"
      name: "atc_03_lent Battery-Voltage"
      name: "atc_03_lent Signal"

Yeah docs are a bit light-up that you can use it like that. Pretty sure you can add anything else from sensor: at that level too, such as filters per sub-sensor.

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Out of interest - is there is any specific reason why you want ESP Home to be handling this?

You have an ESP Home device that is capable of Bluetooth, so simply adding the few lines required to turn it into a Bluetooth Proxy will forward all the bluetooth packets from the temperature sensor directly to Home Assistant and the sensor will show up as a first class sensor.

(Though I would always recommend flashing the thermometer with the custom firmware and enabling BTHome on it) see -