How to configure workday

I’m following the doc Workday - Home Assistant

It doesn’t work
Obvs can’t use binary_sensor twice

Taking it out


You are putting this in templates.yaml instead of binary_sensors.yaml, where it should go.

I don’t have a binary_sensors.yaml and don’t know how to split out this part
binary_sensors is under templates right?

Just the weather on itself is fine

In configuration.yaml add:

binary_sensor: !include binary_sensors.yaml

Then create the file config/binary_sensors.yaml and put the workday sensor in there (without the line 'binary_sensor:`).

The workday binary sensor is not a template binary sensor and does not belong in the template integration.

Thanks where is there an easy explanation of what a normal sensor and a template sensor is, and why are some of these available to configure via a helper entity in the ui and some need typing in the config?

What’s a “normal” sensor?

Every integration has a documentation page. You can search for them here: Integrations - Home Assistant The documentation page shows you how to configure the integration.

Integrations are slowly being moved from YAML to the UI method. It takes time. And some will never be moved.