How to configure Zigbee thermostat SPZB0001?

I run Home assistant via Docker on my homebuilt NAS. In my Zigbee network there are a lot of Ikea lamps, a few Aquara door and themperature sensors and three Eurotronics thermostats.
One of my thermostats has a difference between the measured room temperature and the actual temperature. According to the documentation, I can set an offset here - unfortunately I haven’t found out how to do that.

In the webinterface of Zigbee2MQTT I can set a value, but I get the error message:

Publish ‘set’ ‘local_temperature_calibration’ to ‘0x00158d00032f7107’ failed: ‘Error: Write 0x00158d00032f7107/1 hvacThermostat({“localTemperatureCalibration”:0}, {“sendWhenActive”:false, “timeout”:10000, “disableResponse”: false, “disableRecovery”:false, “disableDefaultResponse”:true, “direction”:0, “srcEndpoint”:null, “reservedBits”:0, “manufacturerCode”:null, “transactionSequenceNumber”:null, “writeUndiv”:false}) failed (status ‘INVALID_VALUE’)’

It doesn’t matter if the value is positive or negative.

Also, I would like to control the “window open” mode via aquara window contact, unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to do that here either.

Maybe someone has done something like this before and can explain me how to implement this?