How to connect a Tuya or Tuya OEM device using WiFi or BT to HA?


I have some of Tuya and Tuya OEM devices that work with WiFi and BT (e.g., IP Cam or Curtain Bot)

I had an HA server, but I’ve been connecting these devices through the Tuya Hub. Basically, I don’t know the mechanism of the Tuya Hub, so I thought I could connect to my HA server if I could figure out the mechanism of operation first.

But I couldn’t find the product via Hub on my HA server by any means. (This was the same with Zigbee’s product → I already have Sonoff’s Zigbee dongle, and I have several Zigbee devices connected)

I was wondering if there is a way to find the signal of the product in HA directly and try to connect it, rather than using Tuya Cloud or connecting the device through Local Tuya in HACS.
(Except via local keys or Tuya Cloud to identify information used to register a product)

Thank you :slight_smile:

You could try to make an espHome BT proxy to see if it would work for you. Cost you $10 or less and just a firmware download from the espHome site.

Dear @Sir_Goodenough,

Oh, I see.
Thank you for your guide :slight_smile:

To check the behavior on espHome, the chip on the device I have has to be within a certain range?

I haven’t seen espHome yet, so I’m not sure if I can try anything on this webpage.
(For example, are there any restrictions such as that only devices that use a specific chip are possible?)

I’d greatly appreciate it if you could explain espHome in a little more detail for me :slight_smile: