How to connect Aqara devices to HA - Yellow

I´m completly new to HA and tried to help myself via search.
Unfortunately nothing could answer my question/solve my issue.

So I have an Aqara Hub M2 and 2 different devices (Motion- and contact-sensors).
I dont have any Apple Devices in my home.

So my main question is, can I connect the Aqara sensors directly to the HA-Yellow itself or do I still need the M2 Hub?

I cant find any device or the Hub in HA. Can somebody explain for dummies what I have to do (if I dont have access to HomeKit).

Yes. All you need is a Zigbee coordinator, and the Yellow comes with one. Just enable ZHA, add some Zigbee routers (since the range from the coordinator will be about 6 to 8 meters, less if your walls are brick/concrete), and away you go.

thank you very much. Although I dont get what you mean with “add some Zigbee Routers”.
I managed to connect them.

For everybody else: Make sure that you rename same sensors b4 trying to connect another one because they have the same name and HAS thinks you trying to connect the sensor which is already paired.

Those are devices that extend the Zigbee mesh. Any mains powered Zigbee socket, and most (non-Sengled) bulbs will do that. Some dimmers/light switches will too.

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Hi! I just got my Yellow and setting it up as a first time HA user. How were you able to get the Aqara sensors into HA? I went through the “Add Zigbee Devices” option but it just keeps scanning and does not pick up any Aqara devices at all.

You have to:

  1. Put the device into pairing mode
  2. Have some Zigbee routers no further than 6 to 8 meters away