How to connect battery to solaredge inverters

Hi there,

I have setup my home with a solar panels system with a SolarEdge inverter WaveHD 6KVA.
Everything works fine thanks to the HACS component.

Now I want to add to my system a battery.

1/ A direct solution would be to add a supported SolarEdge battery, by DC coupling.

  • LGChem High voltage batterie
  • BYD High voltage batterie
  • 48V SolarEDge

All of those limited but supported batteries a good but expensive

2/ Another solution is to have a independent solution with a system (battery + inverter / loader), by a AC coupling.

This is an independent solution, you can select the best cost/efficient batterie, but you need to have an extra inverter/loader in addition to the SolarEdge one. Sync of both inverter will be done by home assistant.

  • You have to pay 2 times an inverter/loader.
  • You have power lost when going from PV-DC to AC then to DC-Battery.

Q1/ Does anyone has a better solution that 2/ ?

  • by at least connecting the PV-DC with the PV-Battery (with maybe a MPPT)
  • or by using the SolarEdge inverter only, why the solarEdge inverter need to know that is a battery ? if you control the battery from HomeAssistant to tell him that you need to provide x kw ?

Thanks a lot in advance

Did you solve this? If not you can modify the solar edge configuration in the device list

In the Modbus options you just need to activate the battery support. After that, a new battery device is available

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