How to connect DSMR Reader with MTTQ-broker: Publish / Listen

On my HAOS NUC server…

Problem with DSMR Reader

  • I have installed the DSMR Reader integration. It reminds me to configure ‘split topic’ data sources in DSMR Reader, but I don’t know where to configure that. However the integration says “Succes, Configuration made for DSMR Reader”
  • I have installed the MTTQ Addon from the addons store with it settings (IP, user, secret)
  • MTTQ is running, DSMR entities are available, but have no values.

I think I have to give the MTTQ broker instructions how to publish and listen to data but I don’t understand how I configure that. Can someone please help me?



Extra context:

  • the DSMR Reader integration shows 78 entities, but ZERO devices. Entitities have no data
  • The DSMR Slimme Meter has 2 devices (Electricity, Gas), and the 28 entities have data

Only 1 configuration can be active at any given time as far as I know, as they lock the USB connection. So, you either use the DSMR Slimme Meter integration, or the DSMR Reader ( sanderdw/hassio-addons: DSMR Reader Datalogger and Metabase Home Assistant Add-ons ( that publishes to MQTT, combined with the already configured DSMR Reader integration.

@RickKramer Thank you for your help. As a newbie it took me more than 1.5 days to set it all* up but I learned a lot. :sweat_smile:I looks like is working.

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