How to connect Ikea Dirigera? (HomeKit not working?)

I bought an Ikea Dirigera, but for the life of me can’t connect it to Home Assistant.

I’ve read that it should be visible as a HomeKit device, but Home Assistant isn’t finding any HomeKit devices. Also, a netdisco check gives me 0 discovered devices.

I’ve tried to find it both after connecting to the Ikea app and before connecting to the Ikea app (after a factory reset).
I use default_config, but also tried adding zeroconf, but it doesn’t make a difference.

Connecting it as Tradfri also doesn’t work.

Does anyone know how to connect the Ikea Dirigera to Home Assistant?

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I have one and have it connected. You need to connect the Dirigera to the Ikea Smart Home app. Then set the Dirigera into discovery mode via ‘Integrations’ in the Smart Home App settings (click the ‘Profile’ bottom right, then click on the image of the Dirigera for the Settings). When you get told to scan the QR code, you should put the code from the back of your Dirigera into your HomeKit integrations on your Home Assistant instance.

I had to remove the previous integration to my Apple environment first. Will be interested to hear how you go. I’m new to HA, got here because I felt limited first by the Ikea app, then HomeKit integration. HA yellow now on the way and the Dirigera will probably get relegated.

I found this thread useful:

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Thank you so much for your reply! That makes a lot of sense.

Unfortunately I have a Android phone, so the option to scan a QR code doesn’t show, I hope someone here knows if it’s possible to enable Discovery Mode on an Android phone?

I just bought a Dirigera and had the same problem, and I also have and Android phone. I got it connected with the following steps.
Connected Dirigera according to Ikeas instructions and make sure it works with their Ikea Home Smart app.
Enabled Control anywhere in Ikea smart app (not sure if needed)
Enabled Integration to Google Home in Ikea smart app (not sure if needed)
Dirigera did not show up i HA until I restarted Dirigera completely with a power cycle.
Now HA found a new HomeKit Device integration.
When HA asks for the HomeKit Code I used the 8 numbers in the top right of the HomeKit QR code on the backside of my Dirigera:

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Worked for me with my Android phone and no other apple devices. Thanks!

Had Control Anywhere enabled.
Was connected to Google Home.
Typed numeric code in format xxx-xx-xxx.

I’ve had IKEA Dirigera with Apple home for ages, I got a raspberry pi and installed home assistant this week and IKEA did not show up on auto discovery, i’ve tried to manually install but that times out. Any other idea ?

It can only be installed to one homekit controller, so delete your Dirigera from Apple Home, and it will be found by HA.

is there a way to make them both work ? (HA and apple home )

Yes, after connection to HA export it again as Homekit device

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