How to connect lan coordinator with home assistant via wireguard vpn?

Hi to all! I installed Wireguard add-on in home assistant. My zigbee lan coordinator is configured as a wireguard client. I set up port forwarding for wireguard on my router. I can access the zigbee lan coordinator and home assistant while on the mobile operator’s network.

The problem is that I cannot connect the zigbee lan coordinator to the ZHA if it is at a friends house, on a different network. The problem occurs when configuring the serial port settings, where you need to specify the IP address of the coordinator. When I specify the address of the wireguard coordinator I get an error.

Maybe you need to forward ports on your friends’ router?

Hi there, i have the same problem, any luck with this yet?

Not yet. Created another topic on the forum.

This command in Advanced SSH & Web Terminal add-on. worked for me:

host_result=$(host a0d7b954-wireguard); addon_ip=${host_result##* }; ip route replace via $addon_ip; echo $addon_ip