How to connect skyconnect with Qnap nas

Hi, I’ve got home assistant OS running on a VM on my QNAP NAS, all works fine and I’ve just got a skyconnect through the post but when I plug it in it doesn’t show up in home assistant or on my QNAP as a device, any ideas how I get this installed as it’s not plug and play for me.

Is skyconnect usb 3? Annoyingly I can see that in the QNAP virtualization station home assistant OS does not support usb 3 and will only pass through usb 2. Has anybody else had issues connecting skyconnect on a Nas through usb3 ports?

All working now, but if anybody comes across this issue and isn’t use to using virtualization station for qnap I had to stop the VM and then click the usb icon below the VM to allow the use of the skyconnect, then when I restarted the VM it showed up in HA and I was able to connect Aqara buttons without the need of the Area hub.

Does the Skyconnect still connect to the VM after rebooting the QNAP, or do you have to manually reconnect it every time??

Hi, yes it has connected each time I’ve restarted it and appears to be working just fine. Only tried with ZigBee so far but hoping to get Thread device soon.