How to connect Sonoff R4 Matter

Hi guys, I just installed the Sonoff mini r4m with some lights but I don’t know how to connect it to HomeAssistant via LAN without going through the cloud. Should I change firmware or not? To connect it via Matter do I have to install something on HomeAssistat? I read that Matter over WIFI devices must connect in IPv6, so should I enable DHCP in IPv6 on the pfSense?

I’m new to HomeAssistant, please help me :slight_smile:

Try flashing ESPHome:

Hey, newbie here. I am looking at Sonoff R4 Matter. Did you solve this? I am trying to decide between Shelly over WLAN, Sonoff with Zigbee or Sonoff with Matter.

I just replaced a ZBMINI with this MINIR4M.
I’m not impressed. The response time and the status reporting is significant slower than what I had with the old zigbee switch.

The switch was installed pretty close to an AP, so wifi signal is not the issue.

According to Tasmota it’s not possible to reflash the device as it’s locked. Have you perhaps succeeded somehow?