How to connect to an HUE Bridge emulator

I’m new to HA. I am running the HA bridge and I would like to have the defined devices show up in HA. If I try to add the HUE integration, I get a message to press the button on the HUE, after which it says “Aborted- Failed to connect”. How do I “press the button” or more gnerally how to get HA to see the bridge?

is your hue bridge connected to your network? If yes, then it should be readable by HA. Mine connected via cable so its always available

The bridge is connected by cable. Actually the bridge is running on the same machine as home assistant but has a different IP address since HA is running in virtual box. Home assistant has no trouble getting to other devices on the local there.

Just to verify that I am doing this correctly. When I add the Hue integration, I am prompted to manually configure the Hue Bridge and the prompt says “host”. I am entering the ipaddress of the host running the bridge. At this point, I get a pictorial prompt asking me to Link Hub by pressing the button on the bridge to register Phillips Hue with Home Assistant. At this point I can close the prompt or hit submit, either way the integration fails.

I thought that perhaps I need to specify the port as well as the ip address as it is running on port 8080. When I did, I got a different error “unexpected error”. Can anyone please tell me how to get the Home Assistant Hue integration to talk to the Hue bridge?

Do I need the latest version of the Bridge? I am running Amazon_Echo_bridge-0.2.1. It works fine with Amazon but HA does not connect to it.